How Cold Showers Changed Me

At the start of the year, I decided I wanted to take a new step towards becoming an upgraded version of myself. I felt as though I had to do hard things, to expand my comfort zone. And matter of factly, that is exactly the truth to what I did (and for that I am grateful).

But it was not easy, by any means, however simple a slight rotation of the tap from hot to cold may be.

The difference was impeccable! But, one with great courage fulfilling s great reward.

But I did not know this, right at the very start to my cold shower journey. In fact, I found myself trying to avoid showering altogether — if it meant I didn’t have to get uncomfortable. You see, I was challenging myself to get uncomfortable to such an extent, that I was avoiding it altogether. And that itself, was counteracting the very thing I was trying to pursue!

But as much as I tried to avoid the shower, the avoidance never lasted long — hygiene is a vital necessity to maintain, especially in a world of COVID-19.

Eventually, within about 1 week, I got used to the cold water at the end of the shower. And by the 2 week mark, I quite liked it! I started to really enjoy the soothing cold water gushing down my back. And while cold at first, my body loved the difference it made — and quickly adjusted to the change.

But what I learned most from testing new waters of cold showers, was that while uncomfortable at first, you never truly know what you never try. It takes discomfort, to gain new comfort and allow yourself to expand your experience. So get uncomfortable once in a while — and maybe you’ll one day experience the same life-changing-in-the-best-way-possible effects of a little discomfort and persistence.

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